Steve Lipford Water Treatment Plant Update

The HCWA has begun construction on a significant rehabilitation and upgrade project at the Water Treatment Plant. The original 1 Million Gallon per Day (MGD) Plant was completed in March 1988 and later expanded to a 3 MGD plant in October of 1993.


The HCWA Board and Staff recognized action must be taken to prevent continued deterioration of the existing equipment and processes; otherwise, the public health and economic impacts would be devasting.  The current project, now under construction, will upgrade the treatment plant capacity to 4 MGD and rehab or replace all process equipment, lab equipment, electrical systems, structural systems, and mechanical systems. While this project requires a much greater investment of time and money, the Authority recognizes the need to increase water treatment capacity to prepare for the future of Heard County residents and businesses. Projected cost of this project is $7.3 million, and it should be completed by the end of summer in 2022.

Who We Are

An act of the Georgia General Assembly created the Franklin-Heard County Water Authority on February 6, 1984. This act was amended to change the name of the Authority to the Heard County Water Authority was approved March 22, 1989. The Heard County Water Authority is not a department of the Heard County but an independent authority. The five person Board is comprised of two members appointed by the City of Franklin, two appointed by the Heard County Board of Commissioners, and one member is elected by the four current HCWA Board members. The Board serves for 4 years and the terms are staggered.  The reason behind utility authorities being created by the State of Georgia Legislature was to keep local politics out of the decision making process for rates and other matter with regard to the operation of a utility.



CodeRED Alert System

The Water Authority has partnered with Heard County Fire and Emergency Services to provide our customers with access to a notification system that advises residents of issues such as boil water advisories, main leaks, or other issues  in their area. Please click the CodeRED logo link below to sign up today.

Need to Establish New Service?

If you are in need of water service at a new address, please be sure to read our policies for establishing a new account in the document listed below. If you have any additional questions regarding these policies, water rates, or if you are ready to open an account, please contact our office at (706) 675-3358. Please complete both of the following forms for faster service.





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Below are some useful links regarding water conservation and other information. If you need more information, please contact us, a representative will be available to address any concern or question you might have.

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